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“The times, they are a-changin’”

I’m pretty certain that Bob Dylan wasn’t picturing the current global pandemic, nor the church, when he penned these words. And yet, this phrase has been gently tickling at the back of my mind since we entered lock down.

The times, are indeed, changing. The world, as a whole, is not the same as it was a few short months ago. Nor, I suspect, will it ever be that way again. Our whole way of life, of thinking, of acting and even of being has been irrevocably changed. I pray that this will be for the better. I pray that we will emerge from these days as more compassionate, more caring, kinder, gentler, more loving people who are profoundly aware of what is really important in life – what really matters in life. That’s not just my prayer for the world of course but my continual prayer for the church and for those who follow Jesus Christ.

Depending on how you deal with change that may fill you with a sense of hope and excitement. Or maybe you are nervous, full of fear and trepidation for what lies ahead. One thing that we may be sure of, however, is that God is unchanging. God will be the same after lock down as He was before, as He is during and as He has ever been.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean His church will be.

I’ve had mixed feelings about this time of lock down but one of the things I’ve felt very strongly is a sense of excitement. A sense of anticipation, or eagerness to see what God is going to do with us next. What He will call us to become next. This time of enforced non-gathering has given a chance to pause, to reflect, to re-assess and recognise what is important. To understand what it is that God values above all else.

As we think about what church might look like when we are able to return to worshipping in the same place and at the same time, I wonder if we are excited, eager and anticipating what God has in store for us next? Or will we let nostalgia and comfort overtake us and return to the same patterns, the same practices, the same ways as before?

Personally, I pray that we don’t. Not that there was anything wrong with how things were but maybe, just maybe, God has been using this time to call us into something new. Maybe, just maybe, we’ve been given this opportunity to escape from the obligations of maintaining things and presented with the chance to completely renew our church and our worshipful living. Maybe, just maybe, God has given us this time to reinvent ourselves. To keep what was good and brought glory and honour to His name, and to let go of those things that brought glory and honour only to our names.

Because I believe that God has great things in store. Not just for Stonehouse Baptist Church, not even just for the church in Stonehouse, or Stroud, or Gloucestershire, or the UK… but across the whole of creation. I believe that God is calling us to turn back to Him, to seek His will and His ways. For He has great plans for His church and for His Kingdom.

The times are changin’, let’s pray that we are willing and open to hear what God might be seeking to change in us.

With every blessing in Christ. 


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